Hey Ace Boi here!

SW-Shadow Warriors

SW is a rebelliom/Army that is lead by Coff, commando and Apo i believe. It formed off ST our most hateed enemy. We will not let SW off the hook now. SW = #1 Enemy. Be reay because we are after SW, and we will win.

BB- Brown Banditos

Brown Banditos were are first enemies, We went back and forth over Grizzly our home server. They were the same size as us. We had maybe 5 wars with them. The Nachos helped us against them several times. After a while they died out and became allies and merged into us.

ST-Shadow Troops

ST were the worst of our enemies, we would have wars a lot, especially over grizzly, they were about our size, We would win some they would win some. After a while their coleader at that time(coff) hacked us, making us die. We stopped later on, and 2 months later we invaded Parka from them forcing A HUGE WAR.

That war was: IW vs. Fireballs, ST, CPRA,and some more armies= IW win, CPRA side= Fail!

FFA= Forest and Fire Army

They were another army after Grizzly, they were a bit smaller than us, they made some threats and some post about us being weak but we overcomed them at the end. We later became close allies.

NRF=National Rebel Forces + CPC=CLub Penguin Clones+ Another army

They were a triple threat….. not! together they were the top 3 No man’s Army, they had maybe 20 hits a week in total, they tried invaded all our servers, but we disgiused ourselves and we attacked them from the inside, they died 1 day later.


They are our Numba 1 Allies! They helped us in major battles,  in our first war they were there to help, they helped us, we helped back, but later on we became less and less close allies unlike when we were huge and then we shrunk being forgotten about.



Nick: Hey guys it me nick116 and im gunna help cpra! and my color is blue


CPRA is back up and good to go! It took a while but we are good now!, We have new people, a new leader, and new everything, but we lost some people after the 2nd generation.

About Me(Ace Boi):

Hey im Ace Boi108, I was originally known as 4455ashpie but i found it old so i changed it, I was in CPRA since The start (Feb. 1st 2009) At that time i was a spy 3rd lowest rank. It was under the rule of 50 cent 254(the founder), i made my way up the ranks to co leader in 1 and 1/2 months, i rank for president against Storm479(my rival back then). Ive been leader for 9 months in CPRA so far(2 generations).

New things:

  • New graphics
  • New pages
  • New leader
  • New soldiers
  • New generation!

Things we lost:

  • Old legends
  • Old pages

Welcome to CPRA!

Welcome Back CPRA


Well im starting CPRA up next week!,  first i need to ask 50 if i cant use the site again

I will make everything new like pages, headers, graphics, but i dont wanna make a new site tht isnt a domain so thats why im asking if i can use this one.

It has all our history and previous stats from all CPRA generations- infact all of the CPRA generations used this site

Wex,Dunnoh,Marten, and more people reminded me of the good times we had in CPRA, and i started to miss it

I felt like i was missing a part of me,and i remembered what it was so, any

CPRA will be back im sure about that!, and ill try and ask 50 if i can use the site again

~ACE BOI ex CPRA leader of 1st and 2nd generation


This is for the Nachos so don’t ask lol, this post won’t be up for long.

Yet to be ranked: 77 hockey, bonez and donnuh

Red = Army      Blue = Air Force 

Generals: Gamer, King Kinz 10

Co-Generals: Miroos, Tomb, Ads354       

Brigadier Generals: Woton, Meadow Sue, ???????

__________________Owner Line__________________

Supreme Chat Advisors (2): The Dog437, Jayson23

Major Generals (4)Billy Mays, Wojanna2, Zzztops, 50cent254

Lieutenant Generals (4)Rapidy, Dashing Snow, Thex478

Field Marshals (4)Donut67890, Pie1530, Cooper30, Shad 8

Marshals (3): Mcnuggetboy, Clanleader67, 100thninja

Commanders (6): Cro3000, Timmy178, Pengyster48, Oberst54, TheQwerty, Justinbronze

__________________Mod Line___________________

ColonelsRj138, Shed (Cow), Rolllikero, Meggis1234, Gitter 12, Naruto238, Bluey92123, smsm3, San Chivas, Pwener1, Akronanas0508, Rover Bot, WweFreak123

Lt. Colonels: Squattyblue, Tat20s, Dave31734, Rice44, Abced101

MajorsSlobbysnake, DCarmykameka, Waddle589, Fiasco 121, Frito565, Wobbleman692, Zayer

Captains: Benag, Blake1421, Juz16, Ttobytobe

OfficersSlimball2007, Salitia, lipper7706, Tiny Ronan

Lieutenants: Dude18643, Nathancool1, TanMan626

2nd Lieutenants Arrrgh1, Thunderzig22, , Blazeion, Las Bobo,Hershey658, Rebelhunter3, Gwami

Staff SergeantsSnugtr, Cyborger1, Dannydinio, Pants1027, Ciarnan, Candyboy8, Dj12388, Starwars476, Antneecb, Jd112, Jtzink

SergeantsYendor 56, 381nascar, Sown Man, Brony488, Darthman10, Zipper1009, Liva148, Blueicechips, Partygirl809, Dan Popper, Guitar48300, Monkey Ap, Dustskull

RangersManomow, Token 29, Maxy98108, Chrisi Blule, Axevolution, NachoRick, Dadookid, Avenge10, Sklooperis, TurtleShroom, Cowtail5, Snowbomb545, Vick44

Privates Doomdude1000, Ashpie, Glitter15151, Darknis124, Lego Brick, Reeceb, Cutiepoody66, Etac14, Ninja gal 54, JI30, Csm814, Uti98, Hoopi2, Dustskull, Penguin Cjh, Dormax3, Wolfie1215, Kamino56, Sabastian998, Crazydawg123, Cryipto149, Rico12365, Bubbagum620, Wenny123abc, Edomien 2, Bluey92123, Radu97, Sklooperis, Charliem21, Popcicleslid, NickJonas116, 100sparky100, Frakka, Drazul, TjGold2, Averyojo, Emilymp, Paco3795, Elargentino9, Quey123456, Deet007, Redspecial1, Biggles24, Masteryoshi4, Brads 6, Ser Tiberzan, Kts312, Cheezeluvr12, Avenge10, Lachrat, Soundbooth, pianofries00, Negi123 456, Imaninja55, Mario 9090, cindi007, mr fuji egg, Tiffanydrago, MasterYoshi4, Flamethrowa7, Bladage1, clip 0 1 2, ChuckisThe2, Magma320, Davis0032, Numbah 653, Peperuru, CheeseNTots, Mallayx, T Swift 99, Rocket7017, Peyquinn, Pinnix95, Jinx5000, Nikeblack980, Rpg Gamer, Arod213, Mr Bean 2507, bigguy132l, jerry 2 cool, bigguy1321, Frezooo, 66pokemaster, .felipe115, 1Viper5, Tundra7


Co-General:                 Brigadier General:        Supreme chat advisor: 

Ads354:                       Woton:                             The dog437

Miroos:                      Meadow Sue:                 Jayson23:


Major General:     Lieutenant General:     Field Marshall:

Billy Mays:         Rapidy:                           Donut67890:

Wojanna2:      Dashing Snow:             Pie1530:

Zzztops:          Thex478:                        Cooper30:

50 cent 254:                                            Shad 8:

Marshals:           Commanders: 

Mcnuggetboy:      Cro3000:

Clanleader67:     Timmy178:

100thninja:        Pengyster48:

Colonels:           Lt. Colonels:         Majors:

Rj138:               Squattyblue:          Slobbysnake:

Shed:                 Tat20s:                 Dcarmykameka:

Rollinkero:      Dave31734:        Waddle589:

Meggis1234:    Rice44:             Fiasco 121:

Gitter12:          Abced101:       Frito565:

Naruto238:                              Wobbleman692:

Bluey92123:                            Zayer:


San Chivas:



Rover Bot:


Captains:              Officers:                      Lieutenants:

Benag:                 Slimball2007:            Dude18643:

Blake1421:        Salita:                           Nathancool1:

Juz16:             Flipper7706:                Tanman626:

Ttobytobe:     Tiny Ronan:

2nd lieutenants:       Staff Sergeants:      Sergeants:

Arrrgh1:                   Snugtr:                      Yendor 56:

Thunderzig22:      Cyborger1:              381nascar:

Blazeion:              Dannydinio:          Sown Man:

Las bobo:           Pants1207:              Brony488:

Hershey658:      Ciaranan:            Darthman10:

Rebelhunter3:    Candyboy8:       Zipper1009:

Gwami:               Dj12388:          Liva148:

                             Starwars476:    Blueicechips: 

                            Antneecb:        Partygirl809:

                          Jd112:               Dan Popper:

                        Jtzink:             Guitar48300:

                                                Monkey Ap:






Chrisi Blule:










Since there are so many privates, all privates will be listed once they earn a medal.

Please join the Nachos!

Hi guys it’s 50 cent 254 with one last final post.  I probably won’t be on HSA, team gold etc chats that you go on nowadays.  I am still a mod ranked nacho and the Nachos have fallen drastically.  Most armies with 70 active members are doing well, though that’s not the case for the Nachos.  

     In early July of 2009 the Nachos reached their peak of about 240 active members.  They did not fall by a notable amount until September, now down to an active count of about 70.  The Nachos need your help, I incourage you to join them.  We could use some hospitality at the moment.  

Tips to get the best out of your Nacho career:

1. Try to be on chat at least once a day.  If you have a busy schedule, then be on chat often especially during the weekends.

2. For the first 2 weeks of your Nacho career, be on chat as much as possible.  This way you will be more well known and the leaders will also know who you are.  This leaves you a great impression!  Make sure to talk a lot on chat to.

3. For the first 3 weeks, comment on all posts.  This is not a hard task to simply comment on a post.  Make sure to still comment on occasion after those 3 weeks.  This also makes you more well known as a Nacho.

4. Read every post and attend as many events as possible:  If the leaders talk about a recent post/event any your like “OGM WTH IZ DIZ????” ,they won’t think your very loyal.  If you don’t read a battle post then yoy won’t attend the battle unless you beat the odds and randomly go on chat during the event.

5. Tell me your ideas and opinions for the army:  The leaders always listen to me and I will listen to you.  I will be your benefit, as long as your active, at events and on chat, I will try to get you a promo and more attention in the army.

So join the nacho army at http://nachoarmy.com/ The join page is http://nachoarmy.com/join/


Join me

Sup No longer CPRA

Well ik some people still go on this site because the hits keep going up, andway JOIN ME.

Join Black Phoenix Warriors we are the future. We bring the fire we just started and we have abou 10 people and about 300 stats. We are the next generation of CP armies. We are lead by myself and Joradx and we already have an EX-ACP leader (Seanehawk). We are just a click away we are found at www.bpwarmycp.wordpress.com and our awesome chat is www.xat.com/CPBlackPhoenixWarriors so come and join us.

JOin here! www.bpwarmycp.wordpress.com/join


This may be my last post on this site

Well, CPRA merged. We are now HSA the 9th biggest army. Its been a very long road. We started in Februrary 2009.  The first week we had around 25 ppl. During that week i  found CPRA Army. At that time 50 was the leader.

We met a lot of ppl like Joradx, Hockey, Gen, Storm, Candyboy, Grendall, 50, Aliey, KCA, Klanda, Wildflower, and more! It was like i was dreaming it was like heaven to me.

We had some good times and bad times but we all had fun. We had mean leaders and nice leaders good soldiers and Bad soldiers.

But like i said We merged so go to www.hotsaucearmy.wordpress.com

I will miss CPRA! and most of you will too!

WE WILL NOT RESTART CPRA AS 3rd GENERATION. 50 has said that he has ideas for this site so even if I or someone else starts up CPRA or even someone else remind them its 3rd generation.If i start a 3rd generation it will not be on this site.

CPRA(Club penguin Rulers Army)= DEAD, Deceased,

REST IN PEACE CPRA. CPRA shall never be forgotten.


Leaders:Ashpie, and  Foleyethan, Advisors: Joradx and 50 cent

If you wanna find me:www.xat.com/tehcpra

soon to be site:www.cparmypast.wordpress.com

30 seconds of silence for CPRA. May it always lay in our hearts and never forgot that CPRA is like a family.

So this may be my last post ever on this site unless 50 keeps me on here.

So Sadly i hate to say goodbye but Goodnight CPRA R.I.P

Oh god its just so hard to say bye even when u already said it, so After 9 months of work CPRA is down and out and Goodbye everyone =(((( i hope to still talk to all of you