Club Penguin how to get belts quickly

Hi guys it’s 50 cent 254 and you can get belts 3 times as fast on Competiton Mode!  It took me 15 wins and 10 losses on competition mode to advance to Brown belt, and 14 wins and 9 losses on competition mode to advance to Purple Belt.  Also does anyone know how to beat the Sensei?  It seems impossible he knows all the cards you have.

50 cent 254: If you are bored in Club Penguin or just wanna have more fun in Club Penguin you should join the CPRA (Club Penguin Rulers Association).  It is a mildly large club penguin army on this site!  Go here to join Just try it for 10 days and see if you like it (which you will) I really do recommend it.  It helped me have fun in club penguin again.


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  1. Hey!
    I saw the comment on my site also!
    Ok, I got Mix the brown and black belt, and I beat the sensei for him. First, you should be on the normal english servers, not portuguese even if they go faster. After you gain the black belt, you will be ready for the sensei. Remember after you get brown belt, you still have to go to competition mode to get the black belt. After gaining it the Sensei will be unbeatable, you will loose a few times, then he automaticly lets you win. :] hope this helps

  2. competition mode is the only way to get a belt. the mats are just for beat the sensei you MUST be black belt or he will beat you automatically. keep trying and you will definately win
    hope this helps. p.s this is the best cp site after watex was banned

  3. I beat sensei. To beat him, you must be a black belt, then play him seven times. He will get weaker. (Don’t ask me how!!!)
    Then once you beat him you get the ninja mask and also you will have permission to go in the Ninja Hideout. Ninja costume is 1,000 coins.
    Hope I helped.

  4. I know how to beat him! You must fight him for 6 times or something like that. And on the seventh try he will mess up and you can win him!

  5. no you just keeplosing you will eventually win

  6. no you just keeplosing you will eventually win then you beat sensi



  8. White belt – 5 total wins needed.
    Yellow belt – 13 total wins needed.
    Orange belt – 21 total wins needed.
    Green belt – 30 total wins needed.
    Blue belt – 40 total wins needed.
    Red belt – 52 total wins needed.
    Purple belt – 64 total wins needed.
    Brown belt – 76 total wins needed.
    Black belt – 88 total wins needed.

  9. Wait, Portugese is faster?!
    So i only find this out now!?!

  10. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i dont no what to do i have won 100 times and i aint even got the blue belt what do i do ???

  11. plz tell me or i will CRY !!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hey i know how to beat the Sensai!! OK so have your mouse on a card until the one sedond mark. Thenquickly move to that symbols disadvantage (like fire’s disadvatage is snow, so click on a snowy card)
    You’ll then notice Sensai has placed down the card your mouse was on’s advatage! (like Sensai would have chosen water if you had your mouse on fire)
    Then (using my example) snow beats water…. so you’ll win!!! Try it a couple of times then ya’ll start to get the hang of it! How do i know this? Internet! I’m not even a black belt! Lol!

  13. you know where it says how many wins you need to get a belt do they add up togeather or does it start from zero again and again?

  14. You can win belts by the mats. I did it that is how I won my belt. To beat Sinsi you H_A_V_E to be a black belt.

  15. ye i know how to keep playin because my mate who is a ninja said you automaticly win even if it seems he will win you win

  16. I just got a mask for a ninja.
    Yay i am soooooooooo happy!!!!
    The ninja suit costs 1000
    coins.I love CP!!!

  17. I just got a mask for a ninja.
    Yay i am soooooooooo happy!!!!!
    The ninja suit costs 1000 coins.
    I LOVE CP!!!!!!!!

  18. wow! it like took me ages to be ninja why take so long?

  19. become black belt then try and baet sensei

  20. to beat him you just keep playing and soon he will get tried and you will win

  21. For some reason your blog wont let me comment on any of your earlier posts

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